Adventure Time - Penguin Backpacks and shit

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me playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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I don’t think I ever showed you guys this but we have a dog named Booker and this is his tag.

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Anonymous said:

Surely I’m not the only one who has noticed the distant lights of the city by the lighthouse in the beginning of Infinite, but have you ever tried going over there? or is it just like a sort of backdrop for the scene?

I wondered the same thing, so i did fly over there to take a look around (i think ive explored every inch of infinite by now). In the first pic is a slightly better view of the background. Whats actually over there is a section of the floating buildings you see in the second pic, on fire (to give the illusion of being lit up like a city). You can see the eagle at the top of the tower and the ferris wheel.

Whats more interesting is at the end of the game you can see an actual house in the distance, like in the third pic. Up close, its just a few of the houses (put together weirdly) from the end baptism scene. (1080p version

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